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Autopia Black 500ML Christmas Hamper

45.00 (Ex VAT: 37.19)

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This Christmas Hamper includes the following:

x1 500ml Autopia Black Hybrid QD, Quick Detailer


Hybrid QD is a blend of functional polymers and hybrid wax which is extremely easy to use and gives incredible performance. The polymers bind to the surface, giving durability and filling minor swirls whilst the hybrid wax provides excellent gloss and water beading.  The hydrophobic qualities of this product will last up to and beyond 3 months depending on paint preparation.  Also safe and effective on trims and glass.

Directions for use:

Shake well before use. Apply by spray or directly to microfibre cloth.

Depending upon user preference and application conditions, the product may be allowed to dwell/dry/haze for a short time before buffing off. Alternatively, application and removal may be carried out in a single step, simply continue to buff after application until the product has dried. Precautions: Use sparingly. Do not apply to hot panels or in direct sunlight.


x1 500ml Autopia Black, Glitz Wheel Cleaner


Glitz wheel cleaner is a high foaming alkaline wheel cleaner mild enough to use on most wheels. The spray gel consistency gives excellent coverage and superb cling time, enhancing the cleaning power further.


x1 500ml Autopia Black, Pronto Plus Anti Fog Glass Cleaner


This is an easy to use, non streak/smear glass cleaner. It is a highly effective cleaner but also leaves an invisible film of nano particles which inhibit water droplet formation giving a temporary anti-fog effect.

Apply to glass, using spray and wipe dry with a clean microfibre cloth. Apply a second spray and spread without buffing dry. Allow to dry naturally. Over buffing can result in removal of the antifog character. If the initial clean is not carried out, smearing can occur.

Contains: less than 5 % non-ionic surfactants


x1 500ml Autopia Black, Tarminator Tar & Glue Remover Gel

TARMINATOR TAR & GLUE REMOVER GEL is a lime fragranced, natural solvent based tar and oil remover with built in emulsifying agents which rapidly dissolves tar and glue residue. Pleasant odour combined with enhanced environmental profile make this a popular choice with environmentally conscious users.

Directions for use:

Lime Tar Remover should be applied using solvent resistant sprays or spray equipment and should be thoroughly rinsed by high pressure water jet.


x1 500ml Autopia Black, Citri Prewash

Concentrated Citrus Prewash is a mildly alkaline cleaner with a high level of citrus solvent to provide superior performance. The gentle formulation also contains a blend of degreasing surfactants to loosen soiling and a bactericidal agent to deter mould growth. Citri Prewash contains foam boosters making it suitable for use with foam lances.

Citri Prewash is diluted prior to use (depending upon level of surface contamination) and is totally safe on wax and other LSPs at the recommended routine use dilution of 100:1. Stronger solutions remain entirely safe for use on all exterior surfaces but partial removal of wax and other LSPs is to be expected. Citri is also exceptionally effective as a pre-spray for use on insects and bugs – the natural solvent being particularly effective in dissolving these stubborn marks. Standard dilution 100:1 and for heavier soiling dilute 20:1 – 50:1.

Directions for use:

Citri prewash may be applied using a hand sprayer. After the product is allowed to dwell for a short time, the vehicle should be either cleaned manually or with a high pressure washer.


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