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Autopia Black Exterior Special Offer

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1. Autopia – Citri Prewash 5L:

Concentrated Citrus Prewash is a mildly alkaline cleaner with a high level of citrus solvent to provide superior performance. The gentle formulation also contains a blend of degreasing surfactants to loosen soiling and a bactericidal agent to deter mould growth. Citri Prewash contains foam boosters making it suitable for use with foam lances.

Citri Prewash is diluted prior to use (depending upon level of surface contamination) and is totally safe on wax and other LSPs at the recommended routine use dilution of 100:1. Stronger solutions remain entirely safe for use on all exterior surfaces but partial removal of wax and other LSPs is to be expected. Citri is also exceptionally effective as a pre-spray for use on insects and bugs – the natural solvent being particularly effective in dissolving these stubborn marks. Standard dilution 100:1 and for heavier soiling dilute 20:1 – 50:1.

2. Autopia Black Avalanche Snow Foam 5L:

Autopia avalanche snowfoam is a mild, non-caustic, alkaline snowfoam for use on all vehicles.

Directions for use:

Apply using a foam lance. Add 1-2 inches of foam to the bottom of the lance bottle and fill with water. Adjust lance to desired foam thickness. Allow to dwell and powerhose clean. Available in 1ltr, 5ltr, 20ltr and 200ltr. Call Gerry on 087 7415411 for pricing on larger sizes.

3. Autopia Black – Force Iron Remover 5L:

FORCE IRON REMOVER is a concentrated pH neutral iron and contamination remover specially formulated to replace traditional acid based iron removal. The reaction is rapid and produces the appearance of bleeding.

Force iron remover is a gel based formulation for extended cling on surfaces and enhanced contact time for tackling heavier contamination. Contains a blend of degreasing agents to remove oily soils. Safe formulation containing no toxic ammonium compounds.

Safe for application to all exterior vehicle surfaces and may also be diluted with water when intended for more regular use or on vehicles with low levels of fallout contamination. Dilutes 3:1


So what are you getting for free ??

Autopia Black – Glow Ultra Shampoo 500ml

GLOW CAR SHAMPOO is a super concentrated  shampoo (dilutes up to 2000:1) for extreme economy. Free from gloss enhancers or surface modifiers. This highly foaming shampoo contains anti-mar additives which result in a very slick feel to easily lift soiling without dragging it along the surface which can lead to swirls and micro-marring. LSP safe.

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