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Detailing Kingdom Glass 3.0

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Detailing Kingdom Glass 3.0 – 500ml
A clean glass enhances the look of your vehicle giving it a sprakling shine and drive with a complete clear vision.

Glass 3.0 leaves a bright clear finish without smearing.  It cleans without a trace and removes fingertips on glass.  Gass 3.0 is a special cleaner that does not contain ammonia and it a TINT SAFE glass cleaner.  It is designed to efficiently remove heavy deposits on the glass and improves your visibility whilst driving.

Glass 3.0 is developed to clean all glass, is fast action and has a strong formula.
It’s uniue composition guarantees quick removal of environmental contamination such as insects, tar, dust etc with immediate effect.

A powerful cleaner makes your driving safe with clarity.

Avoid using any household cleaner as they may contain ammonia

Please ensure car is detailed.  Glass is recommended to be the last detailing process so as to avoid any cross contamination during the detailing process.   Spray Glass 3.0 onto directly onto the glass surface or onto a microfiber towel and wipe the surface.  Glass 3.0 can also be used to clean console panels.


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