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Detailing Kingdom Skin Satin Plastic Conditioner – 500ml

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Detailing Kingdom Skin Satin – 500ml

What is plastic? Plastic components contain several additives, including plasticisers and fillers to enhance suppleness and surface quality, e.g. Dashboards, The degradation is accelerated by constant exposure of the UV from the sunlight. Extreme temperatures and UV radiation will cause the chemical bonds of polymer or silicon to break. Polymer additives called plasticizers dissipate over time.  Dissipation of plasticisers would result in dry appearance and britle condition.

DK has developed a unique care solution which restores moisture.  It refuces mechanical damage, renew plasticizers and protects againts soiling.  It preserves the surface’s optic and stops it from absorbing skin fats.  It can also make faded and sun damaged areas look darker and newer again. There are many material terms used in today’s production of car parts such as dashboards, door trims and other car interior parts such as Polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic olefin, ABS, TPC-ET, etc.  No matter what it’s called, Skin Satin covers them all.  Skin Satin is the right solution for periodical maintenance to avoid cracks and discolortion on any of the materials mentioned.

Please ensure surface is cleaned with Skin Wash.  Pour Skin Satin onto a sponge and apply it over the area intended. Go over the surface area once or twice which would be sufficient and allow it to dry.  You would notice that the area has a glow effect like Satin.  Should it does not appear to be so, Please repeat the process.


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