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Detailing Kingdom Skin Serum Leather Antioxidant – 500ml

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Detailing Kingdom Skin Serum – 500ml

DK Skin Serum contains UV filters, antioxidants, glycerine and anti-wear elements.  Skin Serum keeps leather stays soft and comfortable. The antioxidants stop the disintegration process of leather during regular use.  Without proper care, daily use and environmental damage will cause leather to loose it’s properties and begin to fade and tear.  However, good and reliable products will protect your investment.

Leather is a ‘Live’ material.
There basically 3 materials in leather
– Water – 60-65%
– Protein – 25-30%
– Fats – 5-10%

It\’s similar like a human skin and has a certain thickness (Corium).  All leather has different thickness because it depends on where the leather is produced and what it is to be used for. The Corium is packed with collagen and elastin protein fibers.  The thickness of the Corium is important to keep the leather feel supple and soft. Skin Serum’s unique ingredients enter the pores in leather and help to maintain the suppleness we desire to have.

How often should one apply Skin Serum? Apply at least once a month or twice if you live in an area where sunlight exposure is high or air conditioning is switched on regularly.

Apply Skin Serum onto a foam pad sparingly. Then apply the foam pad onto leather surface in circular motion. Going over the same surface again is fine but one time application is sufficient. Please wait for surface to dry and Enjoy the finish.


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