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Savore Blast Can – Air Freshener

9.70 (Ex VAT: 8.02)

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Our latest scent Blast Can Savore. Inspired by a blue-tinged night sky, SAVORE creates extreme freshness against a backdrop of warm oriental tones blended with zesty mandarin facets.

Designer Fragrances Blast Cans are also suitable as a freshener for clothing, footwear, carpets, sofas & much more.

Savore Blast Can 400ml is High pressured CFC free aerosol with added sanitising & odour eliminating properties means they are great to be used as an all-round freshening up product.

-Designer Fragrances Air Freshener Vehicle Car Home Air Freshener Sanitiser Odour Remover Eliminator Blast Cans for Clothes, Vehicles, Shoes, Trainers, Offices and Home
-Freshens up
-Long Lasting Fragrance
-High Pressure Nozzle
-Short Bursts

Use the freshener spray in short bursts & allow to ventilate.
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