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Soft 99 Exterior Special Offer #3

35.00 (Ex VAT: 28.46)

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Another unmissable special offer on grabs for all you detailing enthusiasts..


Offer Includes :

1x SOFT99 Hydro Gloss Wax Water Repellent Type

A simple way to extend the life and enhance the shine of a protective coating. Even professional coatings are negatively affected by external factors over time. Soft99 presents a new wax, the formula based on water and does not contain solvents harmful to quartz or ceramics on your car. Regenerate the coating using Hydro Gloss wax, the high quality and carefully designed formula to create a protective hydrophobic layer and give the body a shine. You can apply the wax efficiently thanks to the included microfiber, being able to enjoy the captivating result of Hydro Gloss immediately!


1x SOFT99 Digloss Giraedge Tyre Shine 70ml

New Brake Dust Cleaner can chemically dissolve and wash off unwanted residues created by high-speed rotation and heating of brakes like iron filings, tar, oily substances and others dirt marks. The product can be used safely without the risk of scratching the cleaned surface. The product does not have a strong smell and is easy to apply. The included sponge makes hardly accessible parts easy to clean. No abrasive compounds included! Directions for use:
1. Wash the wheels thoroughly to remove dirt, remove the screw caps, and other elements of this kind 2. Remove the lock, and spray the product on the cleaned surface 3. Leave for 2-3 minutes, then use the attached sponge to remove the dirt 4. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove any remains.

1x Soft99 Digloss Gira Edge Tire Dressing

This creates a smooth, thick glossy layer. The flex applicator can adjust for every tire shape, it is applicable for gap between tire and wheel.

Odor reduction and solvent free.  Can be applied to 3-4 vehicles.


Product Name Digloss GIRA EDGE
Contents 70mL


  • Shake the bottle well with cap in advance.
  • Wash off sand or dust in advance and wipe off water components.
  • If tire gets wet, it might cause unevenness and drying time is much longer.
  • Remove cap and attach the sponge side to the tire sidewall. Spread evenly letting the fluid out.
  • Dry for approximately 5-10 minutes. No need to wipe off.
  • Remove oily dirt or old tire wax with car shampoo to prevent unevenness.
  • Close the cap after use.
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