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Vonixx Blend – All In One Polish 500ml

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Vonixx Blend All In One 500ml



Blend All In One is a single-stage polish with protection, which combines the shine of carnauba and the ceramic resistance of SiO2, also promoting water repellency in the paint. Its high cutting power eliminates scratches and medium to severe swirls (comparable to P2000 or finer sanding marks), leaving a great finish at the same time.


Ready to use.


Up to four months of protection.


If you want to do the water repellent test, we recommend doing it after 1 hour. Depending on the state of the paint and the type of varnish, choose the cap that will best adapt to the process (by testing it in a small area beforehand). Usually, great results are obtained using a medium cut beret, but the professional can use berets with greater aggressiveness, if necessary. In case of cutting with a very aggressive cap, another pass with a medium-cut cap may be necessary in order to achieve an excellent finish. To maintain protection and shine we recommend using Blend Ceramic & Carnaúba Paste Wax or Blend Ceramic & Carnaúba Spray Wax.

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