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Vonixx V-PAINT PRO Ceramic 50ml Kit

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Vonixx V-PAINT Ceramic Coating 50ml Kit


 V-PAINT is a ceramic coating for painting with a durability of up to 3 years, developed with silicon molecules that coat the vehicle surface and form a high resistance nanotechnological barrier. V-PAINT promotes water repellent, UV protection and deep shine. The nanofilm formed in the painting minimizes the harmful effects of tree sap, bird droppings, the action of sunlight, salt air, acid rain and even the micro-risks caused by poorly executed washes, avoiding the premature wear of the painting.


Ready to use.


Up to three years of paint protection.


Partial: 12 hours
Total: 6 days

During the first 6 days, silica-based coatings have a slight tendency to form watermarks composed of calcium and magnesium salts when exposed to rain or mud. To minimize this effect and prevent these drops from marking the paint, it is recommended to apply SiO2-PRO four days after applying V-Paint. The product minimizes the effects of watermarks, leaves the touch velvety and high gloss, extending the life of the glazed layer.


All instructions on the product label and box must be strictly followed to ensure excellence and high durability. Always leave the packaging closed to avoid product solidification.

V-Paint can be used on alloy rims.
Yield: 1 vehicle.
We do not recommend applying V-Paint to leather, plastics, headlights and glass.


– Always wash the vehicle in the shade using V-Floc and Microfiber Glove .
– Use SiO2-PRO every 30 or 45 days to help maintain gloss, leave the painting with a velvety touch and increase the service life;
– Do not use acidic, basic or solvent-based products;
– Carry out the first wash only 6 days after applying the product;
– In case of exposure to rain before total curing, it is recommended to dry the vehicle with a drying towel;
– The use of cleaning waxes on the vitrified layer is not recommended, as the abrasives contained in these waxes may remove the coating;
– If the vehicle is washed with artesian well water, it is necessary to dry well to avoid possible stains caused by calcium and magnesium salts contained in that water, and then apply SiO2-PRO.
– In case of nozzle clogging, it is recommended to reopen the hole with a clamp or needle; wash the applicator immediately after use to prevent solidification.

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