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Zvizzer One Christmas Hamper

85.00 (Ex VAT: 69.11)

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Here at Autopia we are a proud re-seller of the popular Zvizzer brand.  This is our top selling brands and as a result of its popularity, we have decided to create a Christmas Hamper.


This Zvixxer One hamper includes the following:


1x Free Zvizzer Wine

1 x Zvizzer One Polish 750ml – Cut – Gloss – Protection

Zvizzer One Polish is a 3 in 1 compound which polishes with significant correction power, finishes down to a high gloss finish, and offers durable protection that lasts between 6 – 12 months.

One Polish will remove scratches and is compatible with all types of paint. One Polish can be combined with the pad of your choice in the Zvizzer range, from the most abrasive to the softest depending on the condition of the paintwork.

Zvizzer One Polish combines the best of the Zvizzer range in one product. A correction force similar to the Heavy Cut Scratch Remover, The finish of the Fine Cut Hologram Remover and all whilst laying down a long term synthetic protection capable of lasting up to 12 months.

3 x Zvizzer Microfiber Pads – 5″

The microfiber pads are extremely thin and are designed to attach to one of the 5 ZviZZer colour interfaces available (from very hard to very soft depending on the desired abrasiveness). These pads are perfect for using with Zvizzer One Polish as they will help cut as much as possible.

This results in extreme versatility, reduced working time and significant savings for the user!

Another advantage: the corrective power of the ZviZZer microfiber pads is very important while leaving a very good finish.

3 x Zvizzer Interface Pads for Microfiber – 5″


ZviZZer Interface for 150mm polisher is innovative interfaces to be placed between the plate of a polisher and a pad. ZviZZer

interfaces are compatible with all orbital polishers (eccentric) and rotary polishers (circular).

These interfaces use the now famous ZviZZer colour code of the brand’s pads and polishes in order to provide different densities of foam which will allow adaptation:

  • to all types of bodywork and varnishes (from the hardest to the softest)
  • in the state of the varnish (little damaged to very damaged)
  • to the support (flat, concave, convex surfaces, etc.)


– Blue interface (SUPER HARD – VERY HARD)

– Red interface   (HARD – HARD)

– Green interface  (ULTRA SOFT – VERY SOFT)

2 x Zvizzer Edgeless Microfibre Cloths

ZviZZer Microfiber Towel are the perfect asset for a flawless detailing work. Microfiber cloths 40 x 40 cm are available in each of the polish colors.

ZviZZer Microfiber Towels are designed to easily clean surfaces where different polishes have been used. It is also helpful for distinguish the cloths used for cleaning waxes, sealants and ceramics.




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