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303 Leather Cleaner – 473ml

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03 Leather Cleaner is an effective, yet gentle cleaner that removes tough stains with ease, cleans residue-free, and preps the surface for 303 Leather Conditioner.

The formula is derived from all-natural ingredients and is safe for use on both finished and unfinished leathers.

303 Leather Cleaner is Step 1 in the 303 2-step Leather system.


Shake product well before using. Spray product onto a clean microfibre towel or directly onto leather surface, using a crisscross pattern to ensure that the entire surface is covered. Agitate with a clean microfibre towel, or soft bristled, leather safe brush until dirt and/or stains are removed. Use an additional, clean microfibre towel to remove any excess product. Allow surface to dry. Once dry, follow with 303 Leather Conditioner.


–          Preps surface for conditioner/protectant

–          Removes tough stains with ease

–          Residue free

–          Safe for use on finished and unfinished leathers

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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