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Autopia Drive Clean – ( Moss Killer )


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  • A bactericidal & fungicide for removal of spores, moss, algae, etc
  • Made in Ireland
  • Can be used on tarmac, concrete, paving, stonework, slates etc.
  • Amazing cleaning power and amazing results guaranteed
  • Suitable for commercial and domestic use
  • Highly concentrated, highly efficient and highly recommended
  • Will quickly and easily remove moss, algae, bacterial spores, lichen and other growths
Drive Clean Moss Cleaner 5L | Moss Remover – Where to use
Removing moss and organic growths from paving, stonework, footpaths etc. can be a nightmare. It is for this reason that we developed this unique moss removing product which will help you remove those unsightly growths quickly and easily. This amazing product is guaranteed to remove moss and other growths from the surface and from inside the stone. It will burn the root of the growth. This product does exactly what it says and will deliver impressive results where other products have failed. A proper Irish moss remover for Irish weather.
Drive Clean Moss Cleaner 5L | Moss Remover – How to use
The area that requires treatment needs to be dry before the treatment and to stay dry for a few hours after the treatment. Mix 1 part Drive Clean Moss Cleaner with 5 parts water and soak the whole area with a cotton mop. Within the next few hours the chemical will attack the root of the moss and will disconnect the moss from the surface. Areas with serious moss issues will require more than one treatment to fully remove the moss. Try this amazing product today and change the look of your garden overnight.
Drive Clean Moss Cleaner 5L | Moss Remover – Dilution
The recommended dilution for Drive Clean Moss Cleaner is 1 to 5. This is the ideal dilution to create a powerful cleaning solution within a budget. Do not mix Drive Clean Moss Cleaner with other exterior cleaning products.

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