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Black Wow Classic – Exterior Plastic Trim Restorer



Bring back the WOW on coloured, smooth trim!

Black Wow is a matte finish trim restorer for all coloured, smooth and lightly textured trim. Black Wow instantly restores the dark, even colour to the trim. This is not a dye! Black Wow is a long-lasting trim dressing that restores the original colour and provides excellent protection. Bring back the Wow!

Black Wow is simply amazing. A single thin coat lasts for months through rain storms, car washes, and day-to-day driving. The trim stays dark and protected. You can see the water beading months after applying Black Wow. This is unlike an ordinary trim dressing. Black Wow is a restorer and protectant that lasts longer and looks better. Your vehicle will look brand new!

Black Wow is a one step silicone-based trim dressing that restores the colour to faded, dull exterior trim. It works on all unpainted plastic trim, regardless of the colour. Black Wow creates an attractive matte finish. The key is using a very small amount. Black Wow is super concentrated to give great results using very little product.


Black Wow does not contain dyes or colorants. Dyes do not soak into smooth trim evenly. Black Wow is meant for smooth and lightly textured trim. It soaks in and quenches the plastic to restore its own original colour.

Any vehicle with black or dark coloured plastic exterior trim needs Black Wow! Try it on the Honda Element, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Xterra, Hummer, Toyota Tacoma, Mini, and many more. The results will surprise you.

A few notes about Black Wow:

  • It only takes a very small amount to achieve the desired results. Start with a pea sized amount and spread thoroughly. Apply more only if necessary. If Black Wow is shiny, wipe off excess until you see a matte finish.
  • Black Wow should be applied to a clean surface. Use DP Cleanse-All Exterior Cleaner to completely remove old dressings and dirt.
  • Black Wow does have some cleaning ability. If you wish to remove residue with Black Wow, use a foam applicator with a little bite, like a polishing foam.
  • Black Wow should not be applied to paint. It will not harm the paint but it can be difficult to remove. Mask off paint with painter’s tape if necessary.
  • Black Wow should not be used on steps or on any surface that should not be slick.
  • Apply Black Wow before washing your vehicle. Buff off excess with a lint-free microfiber cloth. (Use a separate towel than the ones you use on the paint.) Then wash the vehicle and use the wash sponge to wipe down the trim. Towel dry.
  • Black Wow is not intended for tires!

Black Wow is extremely concentrated. This 4 ounce bottle will last you for years!

Thoroughly clean trim before applying Black Wow, but apply it before washing the rest of your vehicle. Use an applicator pad and spread a pea-sized amount evenly on the trim. Apply a very thin coat. Buff off excess with a lint-free microfibre Cloth. Wash your car as usual and use the wash sponge to wipe down the trim. Towel dry.


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