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Chemical Guys – Dirt Trap Bucket Filter




Chemical Guys – Dirt Trap Bucket Filter

The Cyclone Dirt Trap bucket insert sits at the bottom of your bucket while you wash filtering water non-stop. It’s the filter that never stops.

The cyclone Dirt Trap help eliminates wash swirls and scratches with Chemical Guys Cyclone Dirt-Trap Filtration Technology. The round wash screen separates abrasive dirt and silt from clean and soapy wash water with scores of cyclonic dirt funnels. Separating dirt from clean and soapy water keeps abrasive debris off the wash mitt, and therefore off the paintwork for a scratch-less car wash. Traditional wash baffles use large vertical screens or disposable mesh filters in an attempt to separate dirt from water, which always ends up cloudy with loose contamination and abrasive filth. These designs are defeated by the mere act of dunking the mitt into the bucket, which pushes and pulls water and dirt straight through the vertical openings of the poorly-designed screens.

The Chemical Guys Cyclone funnels off the Dirt Trap separate dirt through centripetal force and push it through tiny holes underneath the wash screen.

The dirt remains trapped underneath the funnels and cannot easily flow back up through the tips once the mitt is pulled out from the water. The one way Cyclone Filtration system is a passive filter that never needs replacing and does not rely on moving parts, no disposable filters, and requires no maintenance or energy to set up, use, or store.

These fit most standard buckets (10.5 x 10.5 x 1 inches)

  • Helps keep your wash water clean
  • Helps protect vehicle’s delicate finishes
  • Traps dirt at the bottom of bucket, filtering fresh water to the top
  • Reduces swirls and scratches caused by improper washing
  • Fits snugly at bottom of bucket for maximum dirt capture and scratch-reduction effects
  • Stackable protection:
    • stack in line or rotated 90° to enhance dirt cyclone and filter action

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