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Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt

8.50 (Ex VAT: 7.02)

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  • Ultra-plush scratch-resistant car wash mitt
  • Made with soft and fluffy synthetic wool fur
  • Durable elastic cuff keeps the mitt on your hand
  • Holds tons of suds and water
  • Machine washable, easy to maintain for years of scratch-free detailing
  • Ambidextrous ergonomic design fits either hand


Baa! Wash your car with fluffy fur and suds! The Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt is the softest and most durable synthetic lambswool car wash mitt. The Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt gently removes stuck on dirt, grease, and grime from filthy cars and trucks with a fluffy scratch-resistant synthetic wool. Lambswool is loved for car washing mitts because it holds tons of water and suds, and traps dirt and debris in the fluffy pile of fur before it can scratch the paintwork. But while natural lambswool mitts are very soft, they are also very expensive, fall apart after a few car washes, and require delicate cleaning and drying to prepare them for their next use. The Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt traps abrasive debris deep in the fur, and prevents swirls and scratches that cheap wash sponges and wash mitts leave behind. The fluffy synthetic wool is ultra-soft, scratch-resistant, and machine-washable for easy maintenance. The massive plush mitt saves you from taking too many trips to the soap bucket by holding over five-times its weight in soap and water. Pair the Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt with any premium Chemical Guys car wash soap for a sudsy scratch-free wash for enhanced shine and glow. Spend fewer late nights polishing swirls and scratches out of paintwork, and more time counting sheep thanks to the soft synthetic fur of the Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt.


Go look at the car wash supplies at your car parts store or big box retailer: those low-grade wash pads and mitts do not absorb high volumes of water, and are not plush enough for scratch-free detailing. Wash mediums like the cheap sponges and pads sold in those stores have nowhere for dirt and debris to go, so they simply push dirt around like rough sandpaper on your paintwork. This dirt rubbing action installs permanent swirls and scratches in your paint during what should be a harmless weekly car wash. The plush Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt holds tons of soap and water to lift and lubricate dirt and debris, then traps it deep within the soft synthetic fur. Keep washed-off dirt away from paintwork for a scratch-free wash experience time after time. Use the two bucket wash method to rinse embedded dirt and debris from the wash mitt before returning to the soap bucket for another pass over the vehicle. Choose the Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt for a scratch-free wash every time.


The Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt replicates the soft feel and touch of natural lambswool with thick, plush, super-soft high grade synthetic fur. This fine wash mitt holds five-times its weight in water and suds for plenty of lubrication across any sensitive automotive surface. Cheap wash mitts are made with rough materials that scratch paintwork. Low grade mitts are poorly made, and seldom hold a lot of water or soapy suds. The thick weave of the synthetic lambs fur lifts and traps abrasive particles from dirt, dust, and road grime deep within the plush fibers, and away from sensitive paintwork. Washing your car with the Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt drastically reduces the chances of installing any swirls or scratches over cheap parts store wash tools. Use the Premium Mitt in any two bucket wash, or in conjunction with a foam cannon or foam gun for extra protection against swirls and scratches. Clean, shine, and protect your car as you wash with the Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt.


Traditional lambswool mitts shed fur and fibers all over the car during a wash, cost 3 – 5 times the price of synthetic wash mitts, and typically only last a few washes. The Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt is made with durable synthetic materials that last for years, and stay soft for scratch-free washing and detailing use. The synthetic wool of the Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt stays plush and soft, and traps and holds dirt after it lifts and separates it from the surface of the vehicle. Trapping dirt within the mitt keeps it from rubbing across the paintwork, and reduces the chances of scratching paint over time. The durable elastic cuff is double stitched for maximum comfort and grip through soapy water, and will not come undone like cheaper wash mitt cuffs. Wash the Premium Wash Mitt in a bucket of fresh water and car wash soap, then let air dry before your next car wash. Or throw it in the washing machine with your next load of microfiber towels for the most-thorough cleaning process. Choose a wash mitt gentle enough to remove dirt and grime with a scratch-free shine: the Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt.

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