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Chemical Guys – Tyre and Trim Gel

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Chemical Guys – Tyre and Trim Gel

So many products promise to renew the look of your tyres with minimal effort and I’m glad to say that Chemical Guys – New Look Trim Gel delivers that promise. Simply wipe on using a pad and you’ll restore the lo

ok of faded tyres, trim, bumpers, seals and stripping, what’s more it lasts for many weeks not days. This is a no streak, no run and non drip formula that works to repel water and detergents and helps keep tyre walls hydrated and supple as well as looking spanking new.

Thankfully Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel contains no alcohol or petroleum distillates but does contain UV light blocking agents which helps prolong the life of the trim or tyre and prevent fading.

This is a non greasy formula that helps form a barrier against the elements and will not attract dust. Chemical Guys claim that a little goes a long way and they’re not wrong, after generously applying the gel to four tyres and trim the bottle looked untouched.

  • One application will suffice but for more eye-popping lustre apply further coats.
  • Non-greasy, non-tacky and doesn’t attract dust.
  • Apply with a pad for stunning results.

16oz (473ml) bottle


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