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Chemical Guys Mr Sprayer

24.95 (Ex VAT: 20.62)

Mr. Sprayer is the revolutionary new way to apply detailing liquids without any water hoses, buckets, power cords, or tiring your fingers: just prime, point, and effortlessly shoot a fine mist of product anywhere, anytime! Are you still endlessly squeezing that spray bottle and putting up with tired and cramped fingers? Meet Mr. Sprayer, the new way to effortlessly apply your favorite Chemical Guys detailing liquids! Simply prime the pump, adjust the nozzle from fine mist to jet stream and get spraying! Mr. Sprayer applies your waterless wash, detail spray, glass cleaner, or wheel cleaner evenly and precisely without cramping your fingers.

Why Buy This Product?
Full function high pressure detailing sprayer
No noise, no electricity, no waste
Pre-marked measures help you mix products correctly
Heavy duty construction: ¼’’ thick vessel performs under pressure
Waterless detailing saves valuable time over traditional methods
Works with car detailing products: Waterless cleaners, dressings, quick detail sprays, etc.
Clean any detail any part of any vehicle, anywhere, any time

How It Works
The Full Function Atomizer & Pump Sprayer is the single smartest detailing tool ever built. Anyone can wash and detail a car in just a few minutes without any water hoses, buckets, or power cords. Simply fill the Full Function Atomizer with EcoSmart Waterless detailing solution, give it three pumps, then start cleaning! The large bottle holds up to 50 ounces of Waterless car wash product, enough to fully detail up to 20 vehicles with zero waste. Pre-labeled measuring marks make mixing and diluting products quick and easy, and the ergonomic trigger is integrated into the handle for comfortable point-and-spray accuracy. Fine atomizer sprayer tip reduces large drops to a fine mist for even coverage with minimal product use. The Full Function Atomizer is the versatile detailing tool for any professional or enthusiast. Substitute EcoSmart to tackle any detailing job inside or outside any vehicle: replace Waterless car washes with window cleaners or quick detail sprays to clean windows, paintwork, wheels, and more. The heavy-duty plastic bottle pressure vessel is ¼ inch thick to take high pressure detailing and UV treated to protect the car wash solution inside. Choose the Full Function Atomizer & Pump Sprayer for fast, efficient, and effortless detailing anywhere, any time. 

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