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Deotex Plus Sany 250ml ( Bacteria Remover )

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The product is tested according to EN 1276 (bactericide), EN 1650 (fungicide), EN 13697 (bactericide and fungicide for surfaces), EN14476 (virucide, coronavirus-specific), EN 16777 (virucidal activity of surface disinfectants) standards.

Start the vehicle’s engine and switch on the air conditioning system (air recirculation function ON). Set the fan on maximum power and open all the air vents. Place the Deotex Plus aerosol can on the floor on the passenger side of the vehicle, taking care not to position the jet facing the dashboard. Press the spray button until the valve locks in place. Exit the vehicle, ensuring that all the windows are fully closed. Wait until the can has fully discharged and leave the engine running for a further 10 minutes. Ventilate the vehicle interior for 5 minutes.


  • The product contains an anti-odour molecule (ricinoleic zinc) that traps the substances causing bad smells on surfaces and makes them easier to remove mechanically or physically.
  • The product contains a surfactant and preservative agent (benzalkonium chloride) that modifies the surface tension near the soiled area, favouring its solubilisation and removal from surfaces.
  • If present, the information stating “protects against germs or bacteria” or “removal of germs and bacteria” refers to the physical or mechanical action determined by air ventilation when the product is performing its action or by the operator in subsequent phases during cleaning.



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