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Dr Beasley’s Carbon Glaze, 8oz

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Dr Beasley’s Carbon Glaze

A polishing glaze designed specifically for carbon fiber, Carbon Glaze uses light abrasives to eliminate hazing and micro-marring without damaging the gelcoat, leaving carbon fiber surfaces with an incredible, mirror-like gloss. If you want to unlock the full potential of your car’s carbon fiber, you’ll want to grab a tube today.

 Lightly abrasive formula to preserve gelcoat
 Eliminates hazing, micro-marring and wash marks
 Leaves mirror-like gloss perfect for coatings

For use with machine buffer only. Do not use by hand.
Use only on wet or coated carbon fiber.

Why Carbon Glaze?

Carbon Glaze is a polish designed to improve the appearance of carbon fiber. But why a polish just for carbon fiber?


Polish Out Blemishes Without Damaging Surface

Carbon fiber accents, trim and paneling have been popping up everywhere on cars for the past couple decades. But like any other surface on a car, they’re susceptible to micro-marring, hazing, holograms, swirling, wash marks, you name it. When dealing with clear-coated paint, these aren’t too difficult to polish out. But on the soft gelcoat used on most carbon fiber, you need to be extra careful not to polish too hard or risk exposing the inner fiber. Dr. Beasley’s Carbon Glaze makes this easy, as it’s made with light abrasives designed to eliminate minor blemishes without cutting too deep. You’ll be able to polish out those irritating scratches while keeping your carbon fiber intact.

Give Your Carbon Fiber A Striking Gloss

Carbon fiber looks gorgeous when you first take your car home. It’s glossy, pristine and smooth to the touch. But over time, even the shiniest carbon fiber starts to haze, with a milky translucent fog slowly overtaking the surface. But it’s not just the haze that dulls your gloss – fine scratches, holograms and swirling all do the same. To get that gloss back, Carbon Glaze is the way to go. When used to polish your Carbon Fiber, it totally eliminates the dulling blemishes in its surface, leaving it with a deep, reflective gloss that’ll make you forget it had ever dulled in the first place.


Perfecting For Coating Prep

It’s often said in the detailing world that a coating is only as good as the surface underneath it. That goes for carbon fiber, too. If you want your carbon fiber’s coating to bond as well as possible and get you the gloss you’re looking for, you’ll want to start with a surface that’s been properly polished and decontaminated. And when it comes to carbon fiber, the best way to polish is with Carbon Glaze. It’ll eliminate all the fine scratching on your carbon fiber’s gelcoat, leaving you with a surface that’s perfectly primed for coating with Formula 1201 or PlasmaCoat.


How Does It Work?

Carbon Glaze works by using light abrasives to cut out miniscule scratches and hazing in the gelcoat of a carbon fiber surface. Once polished, the glossy finish can be sealed with a coating like Formula 1201 or PlasmaCoat.


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