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Dr Beasley’s Matte Final Finish Detail Spray, 12oz

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Matte Final Finish is the ultimate detail spray for a matte finish. Able to remove light dust, fingertips, and other small messes, it’s an ideal choice for touch-ups in between washes. And because it’s pH balanced and gloss-free, it won’t damage your coating or alter your paint’s appearance.

 pH balanced to preserve Matte Paint Coating and other protectants
 Removes light blemishes
 Safe for matte vinyl wraps
 Contains no silicone or glossing agents


Why Matte Final Finish?

You know Matte Final Finish is a detail spray designed specifically for matte surfaces. But why a detail spray just for matte?


Touch-up Blemishes Between Washes

There’s nothing worse than getting your car to a perfect showroom shine and immediately noticing a smudge on your paint. You don’t have to haul out the buckets again – just grab your bottle of Matte Final Finish. A simple squirt and wipe with this detailing spray will get your paint back to perfect condition.


Keep Your Matte Flat

Many detailing sprays contain silicones and fillers to produce a shine after wiping down. This is great for glossy finishes but terrible for matte, since those glossing agents turn matte surfaces splotchy. In this case, you’ll need a detail spray with no silicones – like our Matte Final Finish. You’ll be able to take care of light messes with no fear of splotching your matte paint.


Preserve Your Coating

Sometimes the harshness of a detail spray can decrease the effectiveness of a ceramic coating. That’s why we designed Matte Final Finish to use gentle, pH-balanced surfactants that won’t disturb any coating you have applied. This makes Matte Final Finish the perfect touch-up spray for in-between washes when you’ve got Matte Paint Coating applied to your vehicle.


How Does It Work?

Matte Final Finish works by lifting mild contaminants off matte paint surfaces, bonding with them chemically so they can be wiped down immediately for easy clean up.


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