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Dr Beasley’s Microsuede Cleanser



A powerful faux suede cleaner, Microsuede Cleanser gets rid of tough stains from sweat, oil, food and drink without hardening or discoloring the surface. A must-have for any car with microsuede interiors, you’ll want to get a bottle today.

Removes organic contaminants
Works on all faux suedes, including Alcantara, Dinamica and Ultrasuede
Won’t harden or discolor fabric


Why Microsuede Cleanser?

Microsuede Cleanser is a powerful cleaner designed for microsuede surfaces like Dinamica, Alcantara and Ultrasuede. But what makes it so great for these faux suedes?


Eliminate Oil and Sweat Marks

If you have microsuede surfaces in your car’s interior, chances are you’ve seen how quickly the oil and sweat your body naturally produces stain them. Even after just a day of driving you’ll start to notice spots and marks. A regular cleaner would struggle to get them out – thankfully Dr. Beasley’s Microsuede Cleanser is no regular cleaner. It lifts these contaminants out of microsuede surfaces, breaking them down chemically for fast removal. With a bottle of Microsuede Cleanser on hand, you can rest assured knowing your faux suede can be easily cleaned of oil spots.


Remove Food & Drink Stains

People with microsuede interiors tend to institute a “no food and drink” policy in their cars, and for good reason – food stains on microsuede are near impossible to get out. Having a bottle of Microsuede Cleanser, however, may require this policy to be revised. It lifts and eliminates food contaminants from microsuede completely, so stains don’t have to be quite so scary.


Keep Microsuede Soft

Conventional fabric cleaners aren’t just ineffective with microsuede – they totally ruin its look and feel. Take your everyday upholstery cleaner to faux suede and its surface will quickly harden and discolor. Microsuede Cleanser, on the other hand, maintains both the feeling and appearance of faux suedes, keeping the surface soft and even-colored with every cleaning.


Not Just For Cars

These days microsuede shows up on everything from couches, chairs, purses and shoes. Microsuede Cleanser works great for cleaning these too! Keep a bottle in the house, in your car, at the office – you never know where you might need it.


How Does It Work?

Microsuede Cleanser works by lifting contaminants out of your microsuede’s surface, allowing them to be easily wiped away. Its gentle formula won’t harden, discolor or cause pilling.




1. Mist onto the affected area. Do not oversaturate.
2. Gently wipe to remove contamination. The surface may appear slightly dark after application.
3. Let dry.4. Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary for heavier soil.

Dr. Beasley’s Suggests

Always test in a small area first for surface compatibility.
Do not re-apply to a wet surface.
For inorganic stains like pen or automotive grease, try Microsuede Spot Remover.

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4oz ( 118ml), 12oz (360ml)

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