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Great Lion – Bleeding Wheel Cleaner 1L




  • Cleans your rims thoroughly
  • Fast action
  • PH neutral
  • Very powerful formula
  • Less harmful to the environment
  • Also suitable for the professional user
  • Suitable for stainless steel, aluminum, polished, painted, chrome, and powder coated rims

Great-Lion Bleeding Wheel Cleaner is a very powerful cleaner.
It has been specially developed for very easy cleaning of all rims. Because this product is very high quality, it not only has a stronger cleaning capacity, but is also less harmful to people / the environment and your vehicle. This product is the solution for easy removal of dirt without damaging the rim. This allows you to effortlessly remove oil, dirt, burnt-on brake dust and rubber residues. The rim cleaner is PH neutral and therefore also very suitable for chrome or polished rims.

Because this cleaner is available in a 5 liter jerry can, you always have enough product at home. You can also save enormously on the costs per liter. By using a DIN 51 tap you can refill your bottles even more easily and without spilling.

This product is also available in 1 liter bottle. This is equipped with a semi-professional sprayer. The bottle can also be used as an after-fill package so that you can now use a jerry can.

Nice to know:

This product can also be used on your paint because it is PH neutral. This allows you to remove 95% of the dirt with just a high-pressure cleaner before washing. This has the advantage that when washing with the sponge there is less chance of scratches. You can do this by using the product pure or diluting it to 50% cleaner and 50% water.

Our cleaner is provided with a micro sealant. This gives your rim more shine and will be easier to clean the next time. This micro sealant reduces the chance of dirt to bond with the surface of your rim.

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1L, 5L

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