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GYEON Q2 CanCoat

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Gyeon Q2 CanCoat is an advanced spray coating that delivers a true SiO2 protection without any difficulty. It is an on / off product and therefore works very easily compared to other spray sealants. It adds an extra shine and depth to every paint.

CanCoat comes in an aluminum bottle that allows a simple atomization and therefore no pad or sponge is needed to apply the product. The product contains very little alcohol so it does not evaporate quickly.

Moreover, it is a real quartz coating like the other Gyeon products and the CanCoat also has similar capacities. The incredible self-cleaning property and the sparkling effect can also be seen here. The product is also chemically resistant!

  • Extra shine and depth
  • Long-term protection
  • Simple, fast application
  • Extremely hydrophobic


Gyeon CanCoat will strengthen the paint and its color, add depth and leave a smooth finish.

It protects against UV, strong chemicals, bird droppings, salt and oxidation, just like the other Quartz coatings. CanCoat keeps its protection and water-repellent effect 6 months or 10,000 km long.

Gyeon CanCoat V2 comes as a set of 200ml product, 2 sprayers and a microfibre cloth.

Additional information

instructions – Prepare the paint as usual (washing, claying, polishing, degreasing)

– Spray on a microfibre cloth.

– Rub on the paint.

– Remove with a soft microfibre cloth.

– Clean the sprayer after use!


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Content 200ml
Protective Yes
Gloss Factor 9/10
Durability +6 months
Use Manual
Strong smell Yes
MSDS Gyeon Cancoat Material Safety Data Sheet
Extra information One application consumes 75-150ml.





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