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Gyeon Q2 Durabead – 2 Yr Ultra Hydrophobic Ceramic 50ml

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Gyeon Q2 Durabead 50ml 2018 (Certified Detailers Only) – Ultra Hydrophobic Quartz Coating System

While Q2Mohs is our top of the range paint coating, Gyeon Q2 Durabead 50ml 2018 takes it to the next level. It combines the unmatched durability of Q2Mohs , the spectacular and long- lasting water beading effect and a high water contact angle.

Gyeon Q2 Durabead 50ml 2018 is the absolute world record holder when it comes to the durability of its hydrophobic effect. It might be compared with Q2 Prime’s phenomenal beading, but its effect lasts much longer.

In all of our top coating systems, self-cleaning abilities are the crucial feature. Gyeon Q2 Durabead 50ml 2018 exceeds all known standards in this area, possessing not only very strong hydrophobic abilities but also being probably one of the most anti-static products for automotive paint.

Application of our new Q2 Bead top coat is probably the easiest part of the whole coating process. It’s slick and evaporates in a fraction of a second, resulting in a smooth and easy final wipedown.

  • Extremely Hydrophobic ( contact angle 120 degrees)
  • Strongly repels all contaminants (excellent self-cleaning)
  • Guaranteed for 2 years by professional application (combined with MOHS)
  • Protects against chemicals (pH 2-11)
  • Protects against bird droppings, bug splatter, road salt and UV radiation
  • Can be maintained with Gyeon Q2m Cure

Set Contains:

  • Q2 MOHS 50ml
  • Q2 Bead 30ml
  • Foam Block Applicator
  • 4 x Microsuede Applicator Cloths
  • Instructions


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