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Liquid Elements Smellow Interior Fragrance Air Freshener

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Liquid Elements Smellow Interior Fragrance Air Freshener


Liquid Elements Smellow fragrance sprays – the interior fragrance for your vehicle

With the Smellow’s from Liquid Elements you give your vehicle interior a very special fragrance.
High-quality fragrance ingredients ensure an excellent, incomparable fragrance experience.
Ideal for finishing off the vehicle interior – cleaning or refreshing at any time.
Alternatively, all smellows can be used in the household.

Properties Liquid Elements Smellow:

  • Unique fragrance
  • High quality fragrance ingredients
  • No sticking or discoloration of the sprayed surfaces
  • Handy format, fits in the glove compartment or in every pocket.

Application Liquid Elements Smellow:

  1. Shake the bottle properly
  2. Spray 5-8 sprays on a doormat or other textile surface.
  3. Repeat the process for a more intense smell or to freshen up
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