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Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer – 473ml

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Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer renews, revives, and protects unpainted exterior trim quickly and easily. Using advanced SiO2 technology to create a restored appearance on exterior car trim that holds up against washing, rain, and the elements. Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer brings new life to all exterior unpainted plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim such as bumpers, moldings, door handles, rearview mirror housings, and windshield cowlings. So, if your exterior plastic and vinyl are faded, making your car look older than it really is, restore trim pieces with durable richness and shine that lasts!
-Lasting Protection: Long-lasting, hybrid ceramic protection
-Advanced Sio2 Technology: Withstands rain, washing, and the elements with the use of advanced SiO2 technology
-Restore Original Appearance: Restores darkness and shine to unpainted exterior plastic and trim pieces
-Versatile Use: Ideal for use on unpainted exterior plastic and vinyl such as trim pieces, mouldings, door handles, bumpers, mirror housings, and windshield cowlings
-Easy To Use: Wipe on thin and evenly and wipe off excess
Protect, Darken & Restore Exterior Trim

Over time, exposure to the sun and the elements, exterior vinyl and rubber surfaces start to fade and show their age. Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer is the perfect solution for making non-painted exterior trim and plastic look refreshed and new again. This hand-applied cream revives and renews exterior rubber, vinyl, and plastic trim pieces such as non-painted bumpers, moldings, door handles, rearview mirror housings, and windshield cowlings. Since it’s a hand-applied formula, you have full control without the risk of getting overspray on the surrounding paint. If your exterior grey or black trim pieces don’t look quite as dark or as rich as they used to, Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer will revitalize it, add a dark rich shine, and it will offer much-needed hybrid ceramic protection to defend against the sun and elements.

Tips for getting the best results with Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer
  • Shake product well.
  • Work on a cool, dry surface in the shade.
  • Also, make sure the surface is clean so the trim restorer and protectant will perform best with maximum shine, protection, and durability.
  • If deep cleaning is needed, clean non-painted vinyl, rubber, and plastic surfaces with a good all purpose cleaner like Meguiar’s DRTU10732 Citrus Power Cleaner Plus.  Agitate thoroughly with a cotton terry towel or brush. Make sure vinyl, rubber, or plastic is fully dry. By doing this, you will thoroughly clean and remove all dirt, grime, and pre-existing dressing.
  • Dispense a quarter-size amount of product onto an applicator pad or towel.
  • Work the product evenly onto one section of the exterior trim at a time.
  • Allow the product to dry for 5-10 minutes (the longer the product remains on the surface, the darker the appearance).
  • Wipe off excess with a microfiber towel.
  • Severely oxidized surfaces benefit from 2-3 applications as additional applications can improve darkness.
  • If the product gets on the paint or glass, remove it with a clean towel. Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Trim Restorer, Car Trim Plastic  Restorer – 16 Oz Bottle : Automotive
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