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PURESTAR Double twist wash mitt (21x28cm)

12.50 (Ex VAT: 10.33)

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Purestar microfiber washing glove Double Twist Wash Mitt
The gentle Purestar microfiber washing glove is made of special “double twisted loop fiber” microfibers, which are able to absorb huge amounts of water with maximum gentleness to the paint.
The advantage of the washing glove made with this technology is also the ability to glide very smoothly on the paint and thus prevent the formation of micro-scratches and holograms.
Like all Purestar products, the Double Twist Washing Mitt is made in South Korea and measures 21 x 28 cm.
Main features of the Purestar Double Twist Wash Mitt Gentle microfiber washing glove. Made of special “double twisted loop fiber” microfibers. Ability of high water absorption.
Light gray color.
Dimensions 21 x 28 cm. Price for 1 piece.
Packed in a resealable package.


How to care for the Double Twist Wash Mitt
We recommend washing the glove before using it for the first time.
We recommend washing the glove after each cleaning, residues of cleaning agents will damage the microfibers.
Wash the glove in the washing machine with a special detergent for microfiber cloths.
Always wash the glove separately together with microfiber towels and applicators.
Wash at 30 degrees and do not use fabric softeners, they damage and weaken the microfiber gloves.
Never dry gloves, wipes and towels in the dryer and in dusty environments.
So ideally dry on a hanger in the room. Store microfiber products dry and closed in their original packaging.
About the Purestar brand The South Korean manufacturer Purestar is one of the world leaders in the production of top drying towels and microfiber cloths, which it also produces for other popular brands. They are based in the South Korean town of Bucheon, where their own microfiber factory is located. Purestar brand products are characterized by the maximum possible quality of the latest generation of microfibers, the most modern production technology and a wide range of towels and cloths of various colors. However, the range includes not only drying towels and microfiber cloths, but also microfiber gloves, applicators and other car maintenance aids. The main advantages of the Purestar brand: The maximum possible quality of microfibers. The most modern production technologies. Microfibers are gentle on even the most delicate varnishes. High resistance and durability even with frequent washing. Own factory for the production of microfibers. A wide range of towels, tea towels and accessories for various uses. All products are perfectly packed in a resealable package from the factory.
DOUBLE TWIST WASH MITT Длинноворсовая рукавица для мойки PURESTAR, картинка 2


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