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Purestar Duplex Drying Duo Towel (small)

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The Purestar Duplex Drying Duo towel small is manufactured from identical microfibre as it’s bigger bothers, the large & medium┬áDuplex Drying Towels. This small (20 x 23cm towel) is designed to be really easy to handle making it the absolute perfect towel for a finial wipe down and pick up on drips, door shuts & wheels. We’ve all been there when the main towel is soaked thinking we could just do with one more to catch all the drops and thats where this comes in and is probably the most useful towel we stock.

Manufactured in South Korea using the very latest microfibre technology, this is a twist pile microfibre drying towel is made with a special no-sewing edgeless design meaning that unlike many other microfiber drying towels prevents scratching/marring of the paintwork.

This folded drying towel absorbs double the volume of water of that of a regular twist pile drying towel and many times that comparable drying towels, and with a thickness of 2cm+ this is one of the best drying towels available on the market.

  • Available in size (40cm x 23cm)
  • Thickness: 2cm+
  • Material: 100% Korean Microfiber
  • Color: Bright Blue


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