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Purestar – Large Superior Drying Towel

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The Purestar Superior microfiber drying towel is the very latest in towel technology. The Purestar Superior much like the ever popular Duplex Drying Towel is available both in a smaller 75x45cm or huge 90x70cm size.

What stands the Purestar Superior Drying Towel against others on the market is it’s short tight nap and twist pile structure which allows for unrivalled amounts of water absorption. These towels can easily dry an entire vehicle! The micro-twist oile also means that there is less chance of snagging the towel on badges and trims than longer pile drying towels.

This microfibre drying is manufactured in Korea using the very latest microfibre technology. This is a micro-twist pile microfibre drying towel is manufactured with a special no-sewing edgeless design meaning that unlike many other microfiber drying towels prevents scratching/marring of the paintwork.

This folded drying towel absorbs double the volume of water of that of a regular twist pile drying towel and many times that comparable drying towels

  • Material: 100% Korean Microfiber
  • Color: Anthracite Gray
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