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ShineMate – Polishing Balls (Various grades)



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ShineMate – Polishing Balls (Various grades)

These Polishing Balls are a fantastic new accessory from ShineMate. Each ball measures 77mm in diameter and is designed to fit on a regular drill to create a powerful polisher. The Polishing Balls are made from a high quality open cell foam which is perfect for buffing exhausts, alloys, headlights and all those hard to reach areas.

When used in combination with your favourite metal polish the Shinemate Polishing Balls, create a mirror shine in a fraction of the time.

The ShineMate Polishing Balls are available in 5 different colours and foam density.

  • Yellow – Cutting. Used for correcting heavy swirls or deposits on metal
  • Maroon – Light Cutting is a versitile all rounder, which can remove heavy deposits and swirls whilst finishing down well.
  • Blue – Polishing for general use removing medium swirls ordeposits.
  • Orange – Light Polishing for removing light contamination or swirls.
  • Red – Ultra-Soft with no mechanical cut perfect for waxes and sealants or high gloss polishing & ffinishing
  • Buy 5 for €40- Get one of each polishing balls for €40

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Blue – Polishing, Maroon – Light Cutting, Orange – Light Polishing, Red – Ultra Soft, Yellow – Cutting, BUY 5 for €40


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