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Soft99 – New Fusso Coat



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The iconic Fusso in an improved formula. A new level of protection for your car.


Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax Dark/Light


The product creates a  hydrophobizing protective coating lasting up  to 12 months. Thanks to special fluorinated polymers, the coating effectively reduces dirt adhesion and helps drain water. The varnish is protected against the negative effects of such atmospheric factors as acid rains or UV radiation, as well as road salt. The product is dedicated to dark varnishes.


  1. Prepare your car by thoroughly washing it by hand with a neutral pH shampoo, drying and cleaning the surface using clay, a cleaner or other products of this kind.
  2. Get the minimum amount of product by gently pressing the wax surface and moving the applicator in the can.
  3. Crosswise spread the varnish as thin and even as possible on the varnish, working panel by panel.
  4. Wait about 5-7 minutes for the wax to stick to the varnish. The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the setting time.
  5. Polish the residue with a clean and dry microfiber, often changing its side or replacing it with another.


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