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TAC System Anti-Fog

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TAC System Anti-Fog

Anti-Fog solution prevents fog from obstructing your visibility!

Product Benefits: Anti-Fog prevents fog caused by sudden difference in temperature and humidity. Anti-Fog cleans and offers a long lasting clear coating on your mirrors, windows, windscreens and lenses. It does not haze or streak after applied.

Common Uses: Exterior Vehicle Glass and Mirrors.

Warnings: DO NOT apply under direct sunlight


1] Clean glass with TAC Oil Zero to ready the surface after a full decontamination process

2] Shake bottle well. Spray Anti-Fog onto a clean applicator cloth.

3] Evenly apply product onto glass or window.

4] Allow Anti-Fog to dwell for 5-10 minutes.

5] Wipe off using long strokes up and down the glass


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