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TAC System Oil Zero




TAC System Oil Zero

Is designed to remove all carrier oils left over from paint polishing in order to ready the surface for protective paint coatings, sealants, wax or the LSP of your choice. Oil Zero is a water-based solution and is body shop safe since it is silicone free.

Benefits: Oil Zero eliminates oil residue left behind from polishing liquids making the surface ready for TacSystem protective coating or paint protection ensuring a proper bond. Oil Zero is water-based solution that is body shop safe, not containing silicone.

Common Uses: Polish oil stripper & degreaser. Use Oil Zero to prepare the paintwork for tacSystem: Quartz Sparkle, Power, Magic or any other LSP.


1] Liberally apply to a MF cloth and wipe evenly over a panel.

2] Follow up with a dry MF cloth and buff dry, making sure the panel is pristine and ready for the final coating step.

Tips / Alternate Uses: * When removing polishing oils, make sure to frequently use different sides of the MF cloth or to change cloths, in order to provide maximum and quick results.

* * Oil Zero can be used for streak free windows and as an a general purpose degreaser.

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500ml, 1000ml, 4000ml


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