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TAC System View Coat – Glass Coating

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View Coat is an advanced glass coating formulated to enhance water repellency on glass/ windshield. Water drops start to slide away on glass when the car is moving from 30mph. View Coat keeps a high visibility on the applied glass, reduce dust and grime from building up on the surface.

View Coat is engineered under advanced nanotechnology, combining various chemicals such as silica, hydrocarbon, titanium, zirconium and fluorine to achieve its results.

For best result, it’s recommend to use TAC SYSTEM Glass Polish and Water Spot Zero to polish and remove residue on glass before application.

Size: 20ml

Directions :
Throughly clean the glass with Ultra Foam to remove surface contamination.  Followed by Water Sports Zero if needed.
Use TAC System Glass Polish with a hand block to remove bonded contamination and residue.
Flush with clean deionized water to reduce water spotting before application.

Remove view coat and coating block from container.
Put a micro suede on the coating block or microfiber applicator of choice.
Apply 5-7 drops of View Coat to prime the applicator.  Once primed, add 3 drops per remaining windows.
Starting from the center of the window, work the product in straight vertical lines to the outside.  Complete this to cover the whole window.
Let flash for 30 – 60 seconds.
Use a long nap microfiber to level the coating on the complete window.
Flip the towel or use a dedicated short nap microfiber to wipe all remaining residue.  Look for high spots in corners and on the boarder of the window.
Use a new towel per side of vehicle.
Let cure for a minimum of 45 min without heat lamps.  Tempurature should be between 55-75 degrees F.
Apply 2 -3 coats for maximum durability.
9-12 months durability on windshield.  12-18 month durability on all other glass with proper washing maintenance.

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