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Vonixx V-LIGHT PRO Ceramic 50ml Kit

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Vonixx V-LIGHT PRO Ceramic 50ml Kit


Almost all vehicles manufactured today have headlights with polycarbonate lenses. This material is lightweight, impact resistant and much safer than the glass lenses of the past, making it the ideal choice for the construction of the modern headlamp. But, unfortunately, there is a major disadvantage for this material: it undergoes oxidation and yellow over time when it is very exposed to UV rays.

Some companies even polish these yellow headlights and make them new, but polishing alone is not enough, as it does not form a protective film and, after a few weeks, the headlight turns yellow again. Thinking about it Vonixx surprises again, and develops a solution to this problem.

V-Light is a high performance coating based on silicon dioxide, developed especially to recover headlights composed of polycarbonate and which have suffered oxidation over time. The product forms a glassy, ​​semi-flexible, highly transparent and resistant film, which withstands swellings that polycarbonate headlamps suffer with temperature variation, without the risk of cracking or yellowing over time.

Other important features of V-Light: it forms a UV protection film, in addition to leaving the surface hydrophobic. To achieve protection, it is enough that the product is used and maintained according to the guidelines contained in this label. V-Light can be used both in new headlamps and in oxidized headlamps, but it is worth noting that, in oxidized headlamps, it is necessary to polish beforehand.


Ready to use.


Up to 1 year of protection in headlights and lanterns.


Partial:  6 hours
Total:  72 hours

NOTE: During this period, keep the vehicle protected from the weather.


Yield: 50ml – up to 50 pairs of
V-Light headlights can be used to protect windshields.
New headlights do not need to undergo polishing sanding.

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