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Zvizzer All-Rounder Yellow Pads


Finishing All-Rounder Pad is a fine sponge from Zvizzer’s offer made to remove mild surface oxidation and restore high gloss paint.

The new All-Rounder pads are made for use with both rotary and dual action polishing machines. It consists of two separate layers of which the outer work surface is already known high quality fine Zvizzer open cell sponge while the inner layer is made of a special type of foam / rubber. This approach to making polishing sponges ensures excellent compensation and distribution of pressure force on the working surface of the sponge, reduces vibrations and prevents the penetration of polishing paste to velcro.

The central hole reduces the heat effect that most commonly occurs in the middle and deforms the sponge. The work surface of the sponge is trapezoidal in shape, which reduces stress when working with dual action machines. State-of-the-art technology for making polishing sponges. All-Rounder polishing sponges work great on rotary as well as dual action polishing machines making them an obvious choice if you have multiple types of polishing machines. Zvizzer All-Rounder sponges will do a superb job on everyone!


Reduced vibration Better pressure force distribution Extremely durable sponge Can be used on rotary polishing machines Can be used on dual action polishing machines.    The Zvizzer All-Rounder Yellow Pad is recommended for use with the Zvizzer FC 2000 rough polishing paste for best performance.


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150mm (6"), 130mm (5"), 80mm (3")

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