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Bilt Hamber

Autopia now stock Bilt Hamber which offer quality waxes, polishes and clay bars.  Bilt Hamber carcare products have a wide range of functions, from imparting a deep gloss finish to all types of vehicle paint systems to protection against UV, detergents, road film, acid rain and even add dramatically to the corrosion protection of steel exposed where the paint film has been damaged by, for example, stone chips and scratches.

For a rapid yet durable gloss finish spray applied auto-qd allows even those with the shortest available time to care for their vehicle and adds only minutes to the washing routine.

This Bilt Hamber “quick detailing” spray works in conjunction with our other waxes or “last stage products” and provides an incredibly quick way to improve looks and protection between “waxes”

Bilt Hamber Carnauba rich paste and liquid waxes are amongst the world’s easiest to use and have proven to be the longest lasting, providing incredible warm depth of colour plus water deep gloss and shine. Carnauba the hardest of natural waxes and is used in finis-wax, double speed-wax, hydra-wax and micro-fine.

Shortly after its launch, Bilt Hamber Double Speed-Wax won ‘Best Car Wax 2015’ in an independent test by Auto Express Magazine against 23 competitors from all around the world. double speed-wax won the Auto Express best buy award most recently in 2017.

Bilt-Hamber Laboratories’ Clay Bars have also won the ‘Best Clay Bar’ award from Auto Express every time they have been tested. These quality bars can be used with water, allowing the vital “claying” step in paint care to be carried out without the need for a dedicated lubricant.

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