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Chemical Guys EQP322 Torq Foam Cannon Snow Foamer

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Description – EQP322, The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the first foam gun in fan design; to recapture the function of a fan and blanket your entire car with thick foam.


Why Buy This Product?
Sprays thick car wash foam over any vehicle.
Adjustable spray pattern (horizontal or vertical) with a twist of the wrist.
Hi-Flow Breather Valve mixes the perfect amount of air with the high pressure water and car wash soap to create thick clinging foam.
Large intake holes atop copper head to prevent corrosion and oxidation.
Pre-saturate dirt and debris to reduce chances of swirls and scratches.
Protect paintwork by lubricating and gently removing abrasive dirt and debris.
800-3,500 PSI operating pressure range.
1.4-5.3 gallon/minute pressure washer compatibility.
Adjustable nozzle  sprays  foam from 0° soapy jet to a gentle extra-wide 90° fan.
Approved for auto, RV, agriculture, home, and marine detailing and cleaning.
Universal pressure washer fittings attach to any pressure washer.
Patent Pending.

About The Torq Big Mouth Professional Foam Cannon
Say hello to the future. The Torq vision has always been to create and innovate. To be the first to define a category. Torq introduces an all-new category-defining design, engineered from the inside out. The world’s most popular foam cannon now even better. A new generation of Foam Cannon.

Welcome the Torq Big Mouth Foam Cannon to the detailing stage as its completely redesigned structure has made it the new industry standard. Everything you wished a foam cannon would have or would do, TORQ did it. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the first to establish a new criteria in fan design; to have it extend further outward to recapture the true function of a fan and blanket your entire car with thick, clinging foam. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the first TORQ cannon with the TORQ spray rotating nozzle. A single twist of the spray head turns the foam stream from vertical to horizontal for fast coverage on vehicles of any shape or size. Use thicker foam on heavier dirt stuck to off-road trucks and crawlers, or thinner foam on well-kept vehicles driven in the city. Mix and blend your own thickness of sprayable  foam with a single twist of the soap solution injection knob at the top of the unit. TORQ has ultimately reduced the stress levels of all detailers by releasing the first foam cannon ever that doesn’t tip over. You’ve read that correctly; it’s the first foam cannon EVER to not tip over when standing alone. It’s become the self-standing phenomenon that allows you to gently place or store your foam cannon safely without the potential of falling and damaging itself. Put your car wash where your mouth is, and see why the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the last name in professional  foam cannon technology.

Refined Foam Cannon Engineering Touches For A Better Car Wash
TORQ Tool company designers have observed and analyzed data from the thousands of TORQ Professional Foam Cannons and Snow Foamers sold and used around the world. Since their introduction, TORQ Foam Cannons have saved vehicles from billions of unnecessary swirl marks and scratches that are accidentally etched into paintwork through improper washing techniques. Spraying thick car wash  foam helps lift and lubricate the abrasive dirt particles to safely remove them without installing extra scratches that ruin a shiny finish, but the foam cannons themselves have evolved as well. TORQ engineers fitted the new Big Mouth Foam Cannon with a wider 32 oz bottle profile for improved stability in storage and maintenance. Too many foam cannons have fallen victim to… falling sideways. This design developed into a short and stout profile and base will help keep the foam cannon stable between uses. Being the innovative leaders that they are, TORQ Tool Company featured the addition of the Hi-Flow Breather Valve atop the soap solution bottle housing. This breather maintains the perfect balance of air pressure as the soap solution is drawn out into the high pressure water stream, reducing vacuum pressure and ensuring a steady stream of foamy soapy suds out the front of the foam cannon. Finally, the TORQ Spray rotating sprayer nozzle turns the foam fan from vertical to horizontal with just the turn of the wrist. Now you can spray thick car wash  foam in any direction without turning the whole cannon on its side and losing foam pressure from displacing the foam liquid solution from the syphon straw. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is fully designed to take on any detailing job with better results, thicker foam, and built to last longer than any other foam cannon produced to date.

The First Of Its Kind, The Last You’ll Ever Need
Frustration is the main word we would all use to describe how we felt when we tried to settle our foam cannons on the ground and it would fall over, time and time again. TORQ has taken all of their reviews and experiences over the years and broke it down to see the simplest way to completely revamp their design to cater to the detailer’s needs. The new TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is designed specifically for simplicity, a bottle that can stand on its own, a feat that can’t be replicated because it’s truly a one-of-a-kind foam cannon that will be the top choice for years to come. TORQ has effectively renovated the Hi-Flow Breather Valve to be atop to efficiently mix air and soap to create 30% more thick foam and suds. By being atop the inlet valve, this prevents from future corrosion, rust, and oxidation from forming inside and eventually rendering your foam cannon inoperable. TORQ doesn’t stop there. They’ve now connected bottle to thread with plastic on plastic to ensure a securely tightened seal to help prevent leakage from the bottle and save you from unnecessary waste of soap. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon wants to maintain its reputation as the biggest, baddest, and the best all-around foam cannon that’s available; which led them to maintain the large 32 oz / 946ml bottle profile for improved stability and maintenance while not defeating the purpose of the new design.

Be Proud Of Your Big Mouth And The Soap It Spits
When people usually say you have a big mouth, it’s seen as an insult. Now, TORQ has taken that notion and flipped it; the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is leading the new wave in car washing norms. The foam cannon has been remodeled to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professional  detailers everywhere. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is setting the standard of what it takes to have the best foam cannon available. The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon is the first TORQ cannon with the TORQ Spray rotating nozzle. A single twist of the spray head turns the foam stream from vertical to horizontal for fast coverage on vehicles of any shape or size, up to 90 degrees of rotation. Use thicker foam on heavier dirt stuck to off-road trucks and crawlers, or thinner foam on well-kept vehicles driven in the city. Mix and blend your own thickness of sprayable foam with a single twist of the soap solution injection knob at the top of the unit. Use all 32oz / 946ml of what the TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon holds.

Universal Pressure Washer Fit
The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon works with any pressure washer design. It uses a standard universal thread that easily accepts any universal pressure washer attachment fitting. If the included ¼” quick connect fitting does not fit your pressure washer wand, consult the pressure washer manufacturer for the correct fitting attachment.
Pressure Washer Attachment
The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon ships with a standard ¼’’ Quick-Connect Plug
Quick release connects Foam Cannon to pressure washer wand
Screws directly into foam cannon unit (add some teflon tape for watertight seal)
The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon accepts any ¼’’ male attachment fittings

Tech Specs
Consult your pressure washer manufacturer for any replacement parts or attachment fitting changes.
Required Electric or Gas Pressure Washer.
Minimum 800 PSI; Maximum 3,500 PSI; Never Exceed 4,200 PSI.
Minimum 1.4 GPM; 2.0 GPM recommended; Never Exceed 5.3 GPM.
Soap Solution Bottle Capacity: 32 US oz / 946ml.

How To Use:
Unscrew fluid tank from foam cannon unit.
Fill fluid tank with water (for best results, use warm water).
Add 1-3 ounces of your favorite Chemical Guys  car wash  shampoo to the fluid tank.
Attach fluid tank to foam cannon unit.
Rinse car with water to remove loose debris and grime.
Reattach bottle and attach TORQ Foam Cannon to pressure washer wand.
Cover car with thick car wash  foam to lift and lubricate stuck-on dirt from the surface.
If needed, Proceed with 2-bucket  car wash method to gently remove any dirt without installing any swirls or scratches.
Rinse car clean, then dry with premium microfiber towels.

Maintaining The TORQ Big Mouth Foam Cannon
Rinse soap solution bottle  clean with fresh water.
Run plain water through the foam cannon under pressure to purge detergent and soap from the internal components.
Cycle with warm or hot water to break down thick soap residues.
Unscrew soap solution bottle and allow to air dry, then reattach before storing.
Store the TORQ Foam Cannon in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.
**Note: Some pressure washers require an additional adapter to be used with this foam cannon.

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