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Dr Beasley’s Glass IQ, 4oz

14.95 (Ex VAT: 12.15)

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Formerly known as Glass Waxx, Glass IQ is a favorite within Dr. Beasley’s detailer’s network. A light glass cleaner with unique protective properties, it won’t just make your glass crystal clear – it also leaves a hydrophobic barrier that beads water and resists fogging and smudging.

Smudge resistant
100% VOC free
Safe on LCD screens, TVs, computers, laptops, cellphones, camera displays, & touch screens


Why Glass IQ?

You know Glass IQ is an effective glass cleaner/protector combo. But what makes that so great?


Water Resistant, Smudge Resistant

Whether it’s your phone or your driver’s side window, glass surfaces have a tendency to smudge easily, fog up, and hold on to water. So when you’re out in the cold, or your kid touches the window, or rain starts to fall, your visibility suffers and your glass looks less-than-stellar. Dr. Beasley’s Glass IQ turns these issues on their head, helping your glass become smudge resistant, dust resistant and water repellant. You’ll have leg up against obscuring contaminants so you can see through your glass with ease.


Clean Light Contaminants

Glass IQ doesn’t just help protect your glass, it also cleans it. So if you’ve got a dusty window you want protected, you can jump right into applying Glass IQ – it’ll take care of the dust, too. Same goes for your phone! If it’s a little smudged, you won’t have to clean it first. Glass IQ will take care of that, too.


Incredible Clarity

No matter how well you clean, most glass cleaners won’t get you that glowing, straight-out-of-a-car-commercial look. Thankfully, Glass IQ can help get you there. Using its special formula, Glass IQ achieves a uniquely appealing clarity of glass you just can’t get from your average glass cleaner. Next time you’re out for a spin, your windows will be the stuff of envy.


How Does It Work?

Glass IQ works by eliminating light contaminants from glass surfaces while imbuing them with water, fog, smudge and contaminant resisting properties.


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