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Fra-Ber – Bean Car Air-freshener



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(Pink) Bean Glamor: its perfume is literally intoxicating
and its essence based on white flowers and
precious elements such as Bourbon Vanilla.

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(Brown) Bean Casual: its fragrance is reminiscent of outdoors,
fruity and pungent, fresh and aromatic, finishing off with cedar wood,
suitable for those who love the outdoors and a relaxed lifestyle.

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(Green) Bean Balance: for Zen personalities.
Its colour is green and smells of bergamot; delicate,
light and bubbly.

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(Black) Bean Classic: black for excellence;
stylish and sought after just like saffron; a mysterious trail with woods and amber;
suitable for those who are convinced that classic is always the best choice.

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(Blue) Bean Sporty: light blue, for those who feel sporty
and love to be always on the go.
An intense and full-bodied fragrance.

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(Pink) Bean Glamor, (Brown) Bean Casual, (Green) Bean Balance, (Black) Bean Classic, (Blue) Bean Sporty

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