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TAC System Refresh deodorizer



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TAC System Refresh deodorizer

Is an eco friendly powerful deodorizer with light pleasant lemon fragrance.

Product Benefits: Refresh is high effective at removing lingering odors such as cigarettes, pets and fumes. Refresh is colourless and is completely non-toxic, so it is safe for persons with allergies or chemical sensitivity.

1] Shake well before use, and spray evenly into the interior (carpet and floor mats are recommended)

2] Close doors and let Refresh go to work

3] Repeat 1 & 2 steps if odor persists.

Tips: Before using refresh locate the source of any strong odors, then deep clean the area before the deodorization process. This ensures the scent is fully eliminated.

For Optimal Results: For Strong odors and to treat vents: Liberally spray Refresh and turn on vehicle. Switch the A/C to MAX and circulate the air. Allow the system to circulate air for 5-15 minutes, depending on the intensity of odors to be removed.

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