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Great Lion Ambition Car Polish

17.95 (Ex VAT: 14.83)

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Great Lion Ambition Car Polish

  • Gives dull cars back their steeling appearance
  • Ultimate quality with the best result
  • End result without streaks
  • long-term results
  • For all types of lacquer
  • Does your paint dirt and water repellent
  • 100% swirl-free
  • Universally applicable (no stains on plastic, glass, chromium and hard rubber)
  • Easy entry and brush off
  • For professional users
  • Less harmful to people and the environment
  • Manufactured from high quality grondtoffen as Carnauba and Montan wax

About Ambition Car Polish

The Great Lion Ambition Car Polish is the best choice for waxing your car. The Ambition Car Polish ensure a long lasting high gloss result without swirls. In addition, this Car Polish is highly water resistant and is easy and simple to apply the paint. The wax dries fairly quickly and is therefore easy to apply with our microverzeldoeken, which ultimately creates a beautiful shine on your car. Our Car Polish consists mainly of carnauba wax and Montan wax, these ingredients provide a protective layer over the car. The composition of our ingredients he will leave no streaks and showing it like new again!

The Ambition Car Polish is universally applicable, which means that your can not only for your car using car wax, but also for your truck, boat, trailer, camper or motor. This enables him to use on plastic and glass. In addition, there arise no stains on the plastic, glass, chromium and hard rubber


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