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GYEON Q²M Ceramic Detailer –


Gyeon UK Ltd



Gyeon Q²M Ceramic Detailer

GyeonQ²M Ceramic Detailer is a quick detailer infused with SiO2 to deliver not only glossy finishes, but also durable protection, impressive water beading and fantastic dirt repellency. GYEON Q²M Ceramic Detailer can be used on coated vehicles to top up the protection or as a stand along protection product on non coated vehicles. It can be used on dry paintwork but also wet as a drying aid.

How To Use Gyeon Q2M Ceramic Detailer

Gyeon Q²M Ceramic Detailer is fairly straight forward in it’s application. Spray on to a Gyeon Q2M Polish Wipe, apply to the surface and finally buff the surface with a Gyeon Q2M Soft Wipe for a streak free finish.


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1L, 400ML

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