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Innovacar SC2 Dressing



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SC2 is a water-based surface activator for plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber and acrylic materials, which forms a chemical and molecular barrier thanks to siloxanes and fluoropolymers. Its unique formula creates an incredible anti-static and water-repellent epitol of SC2 Hollow Fill, which does not contain petroleum distillates and therefore can be easily used for extreme temperatures. Its features: it withstands both acid and alkaline washes and protects against ultraviolet rays, providing long-lasting color preservation of pre-processed plastic parts, headlights and leather products for up to 5 months.


Apply 2-3 sprays of SC2 onto a fine microfiber cloth and directly onto a clean and dry swivel. Gently apply (cross-wise method). You can reapply another coat after 20 minutes to enhance the effect and increase the depth. The product is fully activated after 7 hours. The product can be diluted before use in a proportion of up to 1: 5 (1 part of the product and 5 parts of water), depending on the degree of protection to be obtained.

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