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Innovacar SC3 Glass Sealant

15.95 (Ex VAT: 13.18)

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SC3 is an innovative sealing system that protects window and windshields with a water- and oil-repellent coating, furthermore prevents dirt and limescale from adhering and thus provides a better view of the road. The use of SC3 is simple: after a single application, a wafer-thin water-repellent layer remains, which is always effective even after repeated washing and cleaning with liquids containing alcohol.



Remove limescale from the pane with DS and a clay bar, use a glass polish in particularly difficult cases. If there is wax for car washes, use D2 for cleaning. Apply SC3 evenly over the entire dry surface and spread with a micro-suede cloth, first moving vertically and then horizontally. Wait 1 minute and then wipe with a dry microfiber cloth until there are no more streaks. After 20 minutes another layer can be applied to increase the effect. The product is fully activated after 7 hours.

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