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Lexol Leather Restoration Kit




The Lexol Leather Restoration Kit is the long-awaited leather care kit from the most trusted name in leather care – Lexol! The Lexol Leather Restoration Kit includes two of Lexol’s most popular products – Lexol Leather Cleaner and Lexol Leather Conditioner – plus a double-sided sponge for cleaning and conditioning your leather. Preserve the look and feel of your leather upholstery with the Lexol Leather Restoration Kit!

The Lexol Leather Restoration Kit includes:

8 oz. Lexol Leather Cleaner
Lexol-pH is balanced to match the pH of leather. This preserves the leather’s strength, durability and appearance. The foaming action penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils. These contaminants are then easily wiped away. Lexol-pH leaves no residue like soaps and will not contribute to fiber deterioration.

Lexol-pH Leather Cleaner contains no waxes or oils to interfere with the cleaning action and causes no buildup. After cleaning, use an application of Lexol Conditioner or Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing for a handsome, rich luster.

8 oz. Lexol Leather Conditioner
Lexol Leather Conditioner preserves the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather. It also brings new life and resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become hardened. Lexol Leather Conditioner is an emulsion much like those used in leather tanning. Its oils have been modified for even distribution and penetration without leaving a greasy or tacky surface.

Lexol Leather Conditioner should be used in moderate amounts for maximum absorption and even distribution. No vigorous rubbing or buffing is needed. Once Leather Conditioner dries, it’s easy to wipe off any excess with a soft cloth.

Lexol Dual Action Restoration Sponge
This uniquely designed, double-sided sponge is used for cleaning the leather (white side) and conditioning the leather (orange side). Dampen the sponge with water, apply Lexol Leather Cleaner to the white side, and gently scrub the leather to create a thick lather. Use a damp microfiber towel to wipe away foam and dirt. Towel dry the leather and then apply Lexol Leather Conditioner with the orange side of the sponge, rubbing it into the leather until it is evenly dispersed. Wait a few minutes and wipe off excess conditioner with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

Kit includes:

Large Kit

500ml Lexol Leather Cleaner
500ml  Lexol Leather Conditioner
Lexol Dual Action Restoration Sponge

Small Kit
8 oz. Lexol Leather Cleaner
8 oz. Lexol Leather Conditioner
Lexol Dual Action Restoration Sponge

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