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Mothers PowerBall 4 Paint Polishing Tool

Every Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ comes with a Free 4 oz. bottle of Mothers FX Synwax!

Now the PowerBall polishes paint!

Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ utilizes open-cell foam construction and a smart spherical design to polish out paint imperfections in minutes. The Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ polishes and applies wax to concave and curved vehicle surfaces better than a flat pad, and the multi-purpose foam works on any paint finish, including clear coats. Rejuvenate dull paint with Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™!

Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ is a foam ball that attaches to your electric drill. Instead of polishing small surfaces by hand, you can get them done faster and with better results with the PowerBall. This patent-pending detailing tool is made of professional grade open-cell foam that is soft and highly absorbent.

The primary difference between the original Mothers PowerBall and the PowerBall 4Paint™ is that the original PowerBall has closed cell foam intended for polishing automotive surfaces. The Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ has open cell foam that is better able to absorb liquid polishes and waxes. By holding the product within the foam’s pores, the Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ releases products as needed to apply products neatly and evenly. Plus, open cell foam is soft against delicate clear coat paint finishes.

The spherical shape of the PowerBall allows you to use all sides when polishing in case one area becomes soiled. Unlike flat pads, you get more surface area and can therefore complete the job faster. The thick foam can be pressed into tight spaces and the round shape hugs the curves and concavities of your vehicle.

Use Mothers PowerBall 4Paint™ to polish out light oxidation and mild swirls on auto paint, or to apply waxes and pre-wax cleaners. The foam ball is great for quick touch-ups and polishing around mirrors and spoilers.

The Mothers Powerball 4Paint is a soft, open-cell foam polishing ball.

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