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Poorboys Iron Remover, 16oz

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Remove Iron Particles from your vehicle with Poorboy’s World Iron Remover.

Poorboy’s World Iron Remover is a non-abrasive chemical iron particle remover that can safely be used to decontaminate your car’s paint, glass, wheels and even chrome. Poorboy’s World Iron Remover breaks up, dissolves and removes ferrous metallic iron particle contamination caused by rail dust, brake dust and industrial fallout. May be used on all exterior painted surfaces, wheels, glass and chrome. Although this iron remover contains no dyes, a chemical reaction that produces a color change occurs as it is breaking up, loosening and dissolving ferrous metals. This product will turn red/purple when sprayed on to a surface that is contaminated with iron particles.

This is most easily seen on lighter color vehicles but decontamination performance is equal on all colors. This let’s you
know that iron is present and Poorboy’s World Iron Remover is working to remove iron particle contamination.
Wash and dry vehicle surface first to remove loose dirt and grime. Shake bottle well before using. Spray surface to be cleaned with
Iron Remover and let dwell for 5-10 minutes. Do not let the Iron Remover dry. A light mist of water may be used to keep the
surface wet. Agitate the surface with a soft wash mitt, towel or sponge dedicated for use with Iron Remover. Rinse
decontaminated surface thoroughly with water to ensure all Iron Remover is rinsed away. Follow up with a thorough wash and
proceed with other detailing steps such as clay, polish, wax or sealant.


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