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RUPES iBrid Nano Polisher Long-Neck – Deluxe Kit

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RUPES iBrid Nano Long-Neck in DELUXE Set

DLX set is the most comprehensive set of RUPES, it contains everything you need to optimally use the RUPES BigFoot iBrid Nano. Following items are included: RUPES iBrid Nano Long-Neck, including all the accessories that are available for this polishing machine. From polishing compounds and polishing discs, to brushes, sandpaper, microfibre cloths and batteries. All this in a beautiful RUPES iBrid case. Ideal to take your RUPES iBrid Nano and store it neatly.

What does the RUPES iBrid Nano Long-Neck Deluxe Set contain?

  • 1x RUPES HR81ML iBrid Nano Long-Neck Polisher (9.HR81ML)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot iBrid Nano bag (9.Z932/BF)
  • 1x RUPES BigFoot AC-DC adapter (9HP120LT)
  • 2x RUPES Rechargeable battery (9HB120LT)
  • 1x RUPES Battery charger (9HC120LT)
  • 6x RUPES Foam polishing disc Coarse 30/40mm (9.BF40H/6)
  • 6x RUPES Foam polishing disc Fine 30/40mm (9.BF40M/6)
  • 4x RUPES Foam polishing disc Coarse 50/70mm (9.BF70H/4)
  • 4x RUPES Foam polishing disc Fine 50/70mm (9.BF70M/4)
  • 1x RUPES Zephir polishing compound 150ml (9.BFZEPHIR150)
  • 1x RUPES Keramik polishing compound 150ml (9.BFKERAMIK150)
  • 1x RUPES Rotary adapter (562.390)
  • 1x RUPES 3mm eccentric adapter (581.390/C)
  • 1x RUPES 12mm eccentric adapter (58.390/C)
  • 1x RUPES Backing plate for 30mm polishing (995.001)
  • 1x RUPES Backing plate for 50mm polishing (996.001)
  • 1x RUPES Backing pad for 30mm sanding (997.001)
  • 1x RUPES Medium bristle of horse hair (9.BF3000)
  • 1x RUPES Coarse nylon bristle (9.BF3030)
  • 10x RUPES Self-adhesive sanding discs 35mm P2500 (9.45520)
  • 10x RUPES Self-adhesive sanding discs 35mm P3000 (9.45530)
  • 1x RUPES Microfibre cloths 4 colors (9.BF9010/4)

What can I do with the RUPES BigFoot iBrid Nano Polishing machine?

RUPES iBrid Nano in Deluxe set has many possibilities. The 1 “and 2” polishing discs fit perfectly on the two backing plates that are supplied with this polishing machine. It is also adjustable in a 3mm and 12mm orbit. You can change the polisher yourself in seconds from a rotating to an eccentric rotary polisher.

Polish on battery and electricity

Are you looking for a mini polisher so you can polish both on battery and electricity? Then the RUPES iBrid Nano is the best polisher for you! It’s basically a polishing machine that can be used in combination with a battery. However, when you run out of batteries, or you have to polish for long periods of time, you can also use it on electricity by making use of an adapter. The machine operates on 230 Volt electricity. Ideal when you don’t want the machine to stop.

Rotary polishing and cleaning

It can be converted to a rotary polishing machine. The rotary polishing is ideal for fast paint/lacquer correction on edges and profiles. In addition, with the rotating movement you can also ideally use the brush, for cleaning car upholstery.

Eccentric polishing

By converting the machine to an eccentric machine, you are able to polish at the highest level. The machine can also be used for wet sanding.

The RUPES iBrid Nano contains

  • Lock button

    • Axle lock for quick and easy changing of the backing plates.
  • LED-indication
    • Clearly visible LED indicator to check the battery level.
  • Protective cap

    • Prevents undesirable contact with other parts.
  • 97 degrees angle

    • Optimized for the performance and comfort of the user.
  • On/Off- and speed controller

    • Five speeds for versatility with soft start.
  • Compact and ergonomic

    • Extremely lightweight and specially designed for with by one hand.
  • Start/Stop lever

    • Ergonomic lever to start and stop the machine.
  • Battery
    • Powerful performances due to the strong engine. Identical performance when used with battery or cord.


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