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TAC System Glass Polish



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TAC System Glass Polish

Product Description: Glass Polish is a quick, effective, and safe way to restore glass-visibility without scratching. This grape scented, creamy compound safely removes all environmental contaminants such as; road grime, water marks, insects remains, tree sap, grease, and droppings from glass.

Common Uses: Glass Polish can be applied on windows that are made of Glass, acrylic and Perspex.


1] Thoroughly clean glass of all loose debris incliuding dirt & dust

2] Shake the bottle of Glass Polish of 1 minute.

3] Apply sufficient amount of Glass Polish onto an applicator for the section

4] Rub the product into the section using a cross-hatch pattern or use Random Orbital machine to polish the glass

5] When glass has been polished to desired level, thoroughly rinse the section with water.

6] Repeat step 3-5 for heavy glass contamination.

For Optimal Results: Use the Random Orbital Machine to polish glass.

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150ml, 500ml


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